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Fun Doo Testers aims to provide testing tutorials on various technologies and connecting fun & communities with testers across the globe.

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We have started a YouTube channel for testing tutorials. We felt that testers do not have an opportunity or platform to talk, to discuss problems, and to overcome those challenges, practical situations we started providing a public platform, and off course Fun Doo testers connect “FUN” with “TESTING”.

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Software Testing Tutorials

We uploaded various software testing free courses on youtube & We are providing paid trainings as well.


"Fun" and "Testing"

We are trying to connect fun with testing.


Short Notes on testing

Aim is to learn something on social media while doing surfing with  “Learn on social media” 



We believe in partnership to grow.

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Fun Doo Tester, A place where people can learn Many things on YouTube ( Rest API, PostMan,etc) and Testing Gossip series is awesome 🤘 
I enjoy reading Fun Doo Tester Posts Over Testing memes.
I love the concept of fun doo testers. They are creating in-depth tutorials. I have placed to my first job after completing foundation level course from them. Kudos to team.

Short Notes on Testing

Learn with FUN, while you have nothing to do. Checkout below it’s free.

Testing Blog & Tutorials

How to switch from Manual to Automation testing?

These 5 steps are
1. Start Now
2. How to start with a programming language
3. How to learn Selenium
4. Moving forward to API Automation
5. Bonus Tips

Latest API automation interview Questions

- Java real-time interview questions
- Basic API interview Questions
- TestNg and cucumber questions
- Assignment and automation related questions

How to learn API automation from scratch in 2021?

How to learn API automation from scratch in 2021?

- How to learn API automation from scratch
- Java for rest assured
- Advance concepts of API automation
- Free resources of test APIs